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Fees The suggested fee is $130.00 annually. Payments can be claimed on your income tax as Professional Fees. The
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those paying a lower amount. Any amount contributed above $155 anually will be credited as a donation.
Donations are tax deductible under Charitable Donations.

For pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account
Download PAR Form and send it along with a VOIDED cheque to
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Make cheque payable to Diakonia of the United Church of Canada, and send to the Treasurer.

Church Representation: If you are on a Conference or Presbytery Committee that has responsibility in some way for
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If you are you on a General Council Committee or Task Group, which one? length of term?
Improving the website content.
Do you have a thesis that is not already on the website? (see Scholarly Works under Meet the Community) If it is
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Membership in DUCC is open to anyone affiliated in some way with the United Church who understands themselves to be in diaconal ministry.  You’re involvement is welcomed!