The purpose of this position is to be a liaison with the United Church of Canada regarding the role of diaconal ministry and to advocate with the United Church for people in diaconal ministry.  The staff person is accountable to the Coordinating Committee who will oversee an ongoing evaluation of the position.

Eric Tusz-King has been appointed to this position. Email Eric at [email protected] to ask him any questions related to his position as liaison.

Job Description

Terms of employment

2 hours a week or 8 hours a month, accountability to the Coordinating Committee

Main Tasks

  • Monitor the minutes of General Council Executive;
  • Support the work of the Coordinating Committee of DUCC, its committees and clusters, as determined by the Coordinating Committee. Determination of this work will be done at least annually, but can be revised at any time by the Coordinating Committee
  • Maintain regular contact with the chair of Permanent Committee on Ministry Employment Policies and Services (PC-MEPS)  and staff who relate to PC-MEPS,  functioning as an informational liaison between PC-MEPS and DUCC;
  • Inform the Coordinating Committee of DUCC regarding actions that are being taken by the United Church that are positive in relation to diaconal ministry as well as those that need our attention and/or action in relation to the life and work of diaconal ministry;
  • Confirm annually that international dues to the DIAKONIA World Federation and Diakonia of the Americas and the Caribbean have been paid by PC – MEPS;
  • Organize and update a list of Diaconal Ministers serving on General Council Committees.