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DUCC is an association of practitioners of diaconal ministry in the United Church of Canada.

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Diakonia of The United Church of Canada Statement of Vision

God calls us to diaconal ministry.
The gospel of Jesus invites all to this ministry:
to offer compassion and accompaniment,
to work for liberation and justice,
to act as advocates of creative transformation.

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So tell me again, What is a diaconal minister? How do you even say the word “diaconia”? or is it “diakonia”?

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The gospel of Jesus invites all to this [diaconal] ministry:
to offer compassion and accompaniment.


Diaconal ministry in the United Church is a source of hope, positive change and transformative creativity.

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They nurtured our spirits and gave us their courage.

Diaconal Education

The educational preparation for United Church Diaconal Ministers is rigorous and thorough. Learn about current programs leading to Commissioning as a Diaconal Minister.

DUCC Organization

DUCC is a voluntary association of United Church of Canada Diaconal Ministers and others who identify themselves as being in diaconal ministry.

The primary purpose of DUCC is to create and maintain community and connection among its members. Click the button below for more on our Organization.

DUCC National Gatherings

National Gatherings

Next Gathering in Ottawa, ON in 2020

Creation . Reflection. Restoration .

Sound scholarship about diaconal ministry from the United Church’s diaconal community is a rich resource for diakonia. Check also our marketplace for resources for reflection, education or worship and on topics of interest in the diaconal community.

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Diakonia World Federation 2021 Gathering Postponed

The Diakonia World Federation Assembly was to hold its gathering in Darwin Australia in 2021.  This has now been postponed.  See important notice. Important notice: DIAKONIA 2021 World Assembly postponed Greetings in the name of the risen Christ. The DIAKONIA World...

DUCC Gathering 2020 2.0

  DUCC National Gathering2020 2.0 Plan to join your diaconal colleagues on Zoom for rich opportunities to network, learn together and to be strengthened and inspired in the work for justice and peace. Accommodation & Meeting Space: Your living room/home...