National Gatherings


2007 – Shift Work

Shift Work Authentic living is about doing shift work. Initiating, responding and living with shifts is faithful work because we all know that in real life shift happens. Come for: Sabbath time theological reflection spiritual renewal deepening connections with the...

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2005 – Wisdom Arising

Wisdom Arising April 5-8, 2005Tatamagouche, NSRegistration is open until Jan 2018.Documents Barbara Elliot Trust Fund Budget Communications Cluster Coordinating Cluster Diaconal Ministries Model DOTAC Report and Proposal Kaufman Fund MEPS Letter Newsletter Proposal...

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1988 – Water Valley, AB

Lynda Gow has provided this photo that was taken at the 1988 DUCC national gathering in Water Valley, Alberta. Top Row includes: -- Marilyn Evans, Edna Meder, Mabel Brandow, Dawn Wood, Lorraine Hartry, Helen Mack, Betty Marlin, Mark Green, Sue Taylor First row from...

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