Let's build an archive for DUCC

Working Towards a Digital Image Archive

Diakonia of The United Church of Canada (DUCC) has partnered with The United Church Archives in Winnipeg to gather and preserve our history and we need your help! Have you taken photographs of DUCC’s activities, people, and events using your digital camera or cell phone? Would you be willing to donate digital copies of your best images to the Archives? We have stories to tell and you can help us do that by donating your digital images to the Archives.

We know that if we do not actively collect our history that much of it will be lost as technology becomes obsolete, digital files degrade, and images are insecurely stored on old phones and cameras that become forgotten. Our goal is to gather hundreds of well-described images of DUCC that reflect our gatherings and ministries, our members at work and play, and our expressions of faith as people of justice, peace and love.

In the Archives, these images will be preserved indefinitely and made accessible to DUCC, the broader Church, the wider community, and students wanting to learn about you and others in DUCC.

If you have pictures to donate:

The jug and bowl is an ancient symbol of the diaconal ministry of service. Banner from Diakonia of the Americas and the Caribbean 2011. Artist Amanda Hunter, United Methodist (US) Photo courtesy of Sharilynn Upsdell.

The DUCC Photographs Sub-Group of the Archives Committee are:

Kimiko Karpof:  [email protected]

Ann Naylor: [email protected]

Lynda Gow: [email protected]

Sally Meyer: [email protected]

Please contact Ann Naylor if you’d like assistance selecting or describing your images.

Erin Acland, Keeper of the Archives, The United Church of Canada Archives Winnipeg (Prairie to Pine), will be working in partnership with the DUCC Photograph Sub-Group. Please contact Erin if you have questions about the project and how to donate your images. Email is best the best way to reach Erin – [email protected], but Erin can also be reached by phone 204-783-0708.

Please email your images and completed form by February 12th, 2021.