In Memorium

Terrie Chedore
Sylvia (Reynolds) Thompson

Sylvia Thompson’s ministry took place in many communities in Saskatchewan. Wherever she was in ministry she touched many lives and would build a supportive network of friends and colleagues.  And always, she offered her energy and resources supporting her passion for justice  – locally and globally. In the last few years, after she was diagnosed with ALS, her ongoing struggle for her health and her unwavering faith were an inspiration to all.  (Memorial prepared by Dorothy Naylor)

Sylvia was a great supporter of the DUCC community. She kept in touch with colleagues, organized the DUCCs in Saskatchewan, was the diaconal representative on Church committees and attended National Gatherings and DOTAC. She also doggedly stayed true to her commitment to work for social justice. This picture was taken at an anti- uranium rally just a few months before her death from ALS in 2009.