In Memorium

Lillian Morrison

Lillian Morrison graduated from the Centre for Christian Studies in 1983. She was Minister Emeritus at Scarborough Bluffs United Church in Toronto, and had just passed the 29th anniversary of her entry into ordered ministry.

As a lay person, Lillian worked with Cliffcrest United and was involved in areas of Christian Education, worship planning and U.C.W. As a diaconal minister she worked in team ministry at Washington United. Her roles in Toronto Scarborough Presbytery included chair of E&S and chair of Presbytery.

Lillian was also involved in the inter-faith network and the Association for Community Living. Prior to entering ministry, she worked as community liaison with the Scarborough Board of Education in a project to link seniors with the work of the students. She enjoyed nature, music and drama. Lillian believed that the church was the holy vessel through which God’s Spirit flows out into the world. She had a powerful gift for the caring and support of others as well as an impassioned vision of social justice. She leaves a wonderful legacy for her family and friends.