Scholarly Works

Sound scholarship about diaconal ministry from the United Church’s diaconal community is a rich resource for diakonia. DUCC members are also conducting research from a Diaconal perspective on theological issues and on the broad practice of ministry.





This is a bibliography of scholarly works that are available on line. The intention is to make the scholarship from the DUCC community available. To arrange for works to be added here contact us at [email protected]

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Diaconal Theses

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Scholarly Works

The Art of Diakonia

By Debra Schweyer, 1998 The Art of Diakonia MTS Diaconal Ministry St. Stephen’s College 1998 The paper explores how the arts have changed/shaped/reflected the realities of the world and compares that to Diakonia in 3 particular time periods; the early church (first...

Training Deaconesses the Manitoba Way

By Sherri McConnell, 1998 Training Deaconesses the Manitoba Way: Manitoba College’s Women’s Program  1998. The history of the Women’s Program at Manitoba College, preparation for deaconesses 1920-1939.  More on this program.