National Gathering - 1988

June 22-25, 1988

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DUCC Winnipeg National Gathering 2018

Lynda Gow has provided this photo that was taken at the 1988 DUCC national gathering in Water Valley, Alberta.

Top Row includes: — Marilyn Evans, Edna Meder, Mabel Brandow, Dawn Wood, Lorraine Hartry, Helen Mack, Betty Marlin, Mark Green, Sue Taylor

First row from the top: — Lori Crocker, Debra Schweyer, Wendy Hunt, Russell Mitchell-Walker

Second row from the top: — Ann Naylor, Lynda Gow, Bari Castle, Marg Dempsay

Third Row: – Dorothy Naylor

Fourth Row: YuKoon Suk from S. Korea, Deborah Deavu, Rita Cattel, Linda Margaret Ervin

Fifth Row: Theresa Jones, Kay Heuer, Mary Anne MacFarlane, Elinor Cox, Donna Krusik (very centre)


Water Valley, AB