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Kathy Douglas


in 2008 Settled to Huron-Perth Presbytery Youth Minister -full time

In 2019, with church restructuring, Kathy became the Minister, Faith Formation for three regions in Southwestern Ontario…Antler River Watershed, Horseshoe Falls, & Western Ontario Waterways.  As regional staff, diaconal ministry skills have been well used.

Program of Formation

CCS: 4 year program in Diaconal Ministries

What called you to diaconal ministry?

Initially, the work and education around social justice (environmental concerns) caught my attention.  I was looking for a way to tie the organized church and all its resources to an intentional call to social justice.  As a person working with youth and through all life stages, I have heard a longing and desire to take up social causes, find purpose and deepen faith. Diaconal ministry fit.

Describe some of your experiences of ministry

Bringing people together to plan an event/worship/education piece is one of the most exciting parts of ministry.  Putting wheels on a passion, supported by a faith perspective and changing lives is rewarding.

My work has been as much in the community – outside church walls – as within, and this seems purposeful.  The United church continues to challenge and risk changing the status quo.

How I explain Diaconal Ministry to others…

I tend to explain the education process as key to my ministry formation/style as diaconal.  By highlighting the three theme years and their emphasis (social ministry/justice, education and pastoral care), I am able to explain a comprehensive picture of my focus in ministry.  As well, the education model helps me describe the way I continue or prefer to work with others within the church and other community institutions.  With the co-learner approach constantly in mind we can foster an inclusive ministry of companionship to support, share and celebrate all of life.

What gives you the most satisfaction, reward, sense of fulfillment from the ministry you do?

Generally, my ministry is in connecting…clergy and lay to ministry.  Helping folks use their gifts and passions to live out faithful practices.  By listening and reflecting with folks, I often find that their struggles and celebrations can be connected to other folks sharing the same experience, an outreach ministry that matches those directions, or integrating into a community of faith’s life and ministry.

My ability, honed at CCS during ministry formation, to gather folks, make safe space for all to work together, and then take action is an ongoing piece of my work.  I am often appreciated for the way folks feel honoured and effective in justice work, Christian education and worship. A reminder that we are all ‘experts’ in our experiences and life…and all voices need to be heard for strength and balance.

Updated February 2021

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