Terrie Chedore
Jen Dresser

Commissioned to Diaconal Ministry  in 2009, at Sherwood Park, Alberta and Northwest Conference

Program of Formation

The four year program at CCS. Field placements included a Lutheran-United Shared Ministry in Spiritwood, Sask and a Women’s Shelter in Prince Albert.  The Global Exposure component was participation in a delegation with a Christian Peacemaker Team to Israel/Palestine.

What called you to Diaconal Ministry?

I had a sense of call to ministry but was uncertain of direction. At an annual meeting of my home congregation I was looking for someone to lead the youth group and the Sunday School, since another leader and I were both moving. A young woman who was recently confirmed said that she couldn’t help with these things because she had too many questions and wasn’t sure of her own faith.  I realized how important it is to engage adults in on-going learning and growth in faith.

Describe some of your experiences of ministry.

My experience has been primarily congregational. The first congregation I served was in Kapuskasing ON where I was involved in helping the congregation begin a shared ministry with the Presbyterian congregation.  I currently serve three congregations in rural Manitoba: Strathclair, Newdale and Cardale.

How I explain Diaconal Ministry to others….

Diaconal ministry is about making connections; it is a relational form of ministry involving hospitality and the removing of barriers.  It also helps people make connections between their faith and life in the world. Diaconal ministry is very hands-on in style and encourages faith to be embodied in all aspects of life. Diaconal ministers are trained in facilitation and use a variety of learning styles to help people engage in their faith.

What gives you the most satisfaction, reward, sense of fulfillment from the ministry you do?

I am passionate about seeing people and congregations shift their thinking, attitudes and behavior and then continue to open themselves to a deeper sense of what God is calling them to do and to be. I also love being creative with scripture and helping people to hear the stories differently than they may have before. When these experiences lead to “aha” moments, I love seeing the wonder on someone’s face.

March 2013

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