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Terrie Chedore

“Diaconal ministry is a model of ministry that embraces a strong commitment to lay involvement. I have chosen to work on the edge of the church encouraging a diaconal style of ministry for all people.”

Ted Dodd

“The diaconal community offers accountability for growth-oriented and prophetic questioning, non-hierarchical inclusivity, consultative collegiality, mutuality in accompaniment and I continue to long to be officially a part of this kind of ongoing, intentional feedback and responsible discerning.”

One Rite

A presentation by Ted Dodd about one rite to ministry in the United Church.

2009 – Called to Order

Called to Order Ordained? Commissioned? Neither? All?to Diaconal Ministry.How shall we be true to our call and our preparation to that call? Ecumenical Guests Lisa Polito, DOTAC President, Executive director Lutheran Deaconess Association Marg Robertson, Presbyterian...