There is really no “typical” diaconal minister. They are: young and old, women and men, urban and rural, gay/lesbian and straight, retired and employed.


Diaconal ministers are young and old, women and men, urban and rural, gay/lesbian and straight, retired and employed.

Diaconal Ministers are working in congregations, theological education, community ministry, youth ministry, church administration, women’s centres, intentional interim, university and prison chaplaincy, justice education and advocacy. Many give generously as volunteers.

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Terrie Chedore

“Diaconal ministry is a model of ministry that embraces a strong commitment to lay involvement. I have chosen to work on the edge of the church encouraging a diaconal style of ministry for all people.”

Ted Dodd

“The diaconal community offers accountability for growth-oriented and prophetic questioning, non-hierarchical inclusivity, consultative collegiality, mutuality in accompaniment and I continue to long to be officially a part of this kind of ongoing, intentional feedback and responsible discerning.”

Caryn Douglas

Profiles  Caryn DouglasYear Commissioned, location Owen Sound, Toronto Conference, 1989 Program of Formation I spent 3 amazing (tough and wonderful) years at CCS in the residential program from 1986 to 1989.  I actually lived in residence for 2 of the 3 years and...

Sharilynn Upsdell

Profiles  Sharilynn UpsdellCommissioned 2003 at Salmon Arm BC and settled to Lax Kw‟alaams (Port Simpson) – a small Tsimshian fishing village on BC‟s far north coast) Program of Formation CCS  4 year program community based program What called you to Diaconal...

Lynda Gow

Profiles  Lynda GowCommissioned 1978, Maritime Conference held in Sackville, NB Program of Formation  I attended the Centre for Christian Studies in Toronto as a fulltime student in a two-year program. During those two years my field placements were at the North...

Carolynne Bouey Shank

Profiles  Carolynne Bouey ShankCommissioned in 2000 with ANW Conference at McDougall United Church, Edmonton Program of Formation CCS – 5 year Regional program which combined with the residential program after 2 years. – – – – – What called you to Diaconal...

Heather Sandilands

Profiles  Heather SandilandsCommissioned 2004, Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Program of Formation  Diploma in Diaconal Ministries: Studies in Transformation and Action through the Centre for Christian Studies. 4 year program. What called you to...

Aileen Urquhart

Profiles  Aileen UrquhartCommissioned 1994, Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario (Morden, MB) Program of Formation  Western Field-Based Diaconal Ministry and Lay Professional Training Program (WFBDM) out of St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton Describe some...

Cathie Clement

Profiles Cathie ClementCathie Clement Formation My growth into diaconal ministry has been facilitated by learning through doing and participating in the community of others practicing diaconal ministries Describe some of your experiences of ministry. I work in a...

Alyson Huntly

Profiles  Alyson HuntlyCommissioned 1982, Toronto Conference Program of Formation Centre for Christian Studies What called you to Diaconal Ministry? I met diaconal ministry students in the final year of their program; they became important role models for me as...

Gaylene Jacobs

Profiles  Gaylene JacobsGaylene was commissioned in 1995 by All Native Circle Conference Program of Formation  She studied for five years at the Francis Sandy Theological Centre (FSTC). What called you to Diaconal Ministry? Before attending FSTC, she became...

Adelyne Harvey

Profiles  Adelyne HarveyAdelyne was commissioned on June 19, 2005. Program of Formation Adelyne attended the Dr Jessie Saulteaux Centre for 5 1⁄2 years. She was settled at the Family Wellness Centre, located south of Hobbema, Alberta. What called you to Diaconal...