There are several diaconal folks attending the 44th General Council over these next six months. We even have someone who is offering tech support! If you have questions about the different proposals or procedures, you are invited to contact one of the following people and wonder out loud with them.

Here is the link to the GC44 website where you can find information about the process for the business of the church as well as further links to read the proposals being put forward during this meeting.  Here are some proposals that might be of direct interest to DUCC members.

CS02 Essential Agreement (Little Current PC)

CW01 Requiring Ongoing Essential Agreement for Ministry Personnel

GCE06 Ministry Leadership to Meet the Needs of the Church in the 2020s

NEW01 Diaconal Educational Pathways for the Future

WOW01 Faithful Ministry Personnel

General Council 44 Commissioners

Tammy Allan

Deborah Laforet

Mark Laird

Vicki McPhee

Karen Orlandi

Heather Sandilands

Keith Simmonds

Ken Delisle

Allan Gairns

General Council 44 Tech Support

Patricia Baker