Terrie Chedore
Charmain Bailey Foutner

Diaconal Candidate

Program of Formation

I am currently attending the Centre for Christian Studies. I have completed all field placements, and am currently securing my external courses. I also plan on doing my Global Perspective in the Spring of 2021.

What called you to Diaconal Ministry?

I AM Diaconal. My call to ministry itself was miraculous. I was just doing my dishes and received an idea to enter ministry. After weeks of trying to ignore the call I relented, and HERE I AM! By the way, my call was directly to do Diaconal Ministry. This was firmly cemented during my discernment process.

Describe some of your experiences of ministry.

One of my mentors recruited me as a volunteer chaplain at our UCC homeless mission in the city. My journeys with people dealing with mental illness, drug abuse and many other issues has been interesting. I preside at a worship service at the Mission once a month, and I have had to be strategic in bringing a worship experience that is meaningful to people, who, for the most part, are unchurched, or have been hurt by the church. So I base the worship on a theme like Love, Kindness or Respect, and use popular music that reinforces the themes. I have discovered much of the Gospel in music by the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley and the Doobie Brothers. My worship services have become very popular, with much participation and music and theme suggestions for the next month’s service : )

How I explain Diaconal Ministry to others …

Diaconal Ministry is having one foot inside the church and the other in the world.

What gives you the most satisfaction, reward, sense of fulfilment from the ministry you do?

My work in the community, and especially at the Homeless Mission is hands down where I receive fulfillment in ministry. My ideal employment position would be in Team Ministry, where I get to focus on Social Justice, Pastoral Care and Community Building.

July 2020

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